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* You've done your research and You like what you see with Fox Creek Bengals.


Let us help you make your dreams come true. If you want a Fox Creek Bengal, reserve  your kitten now.


By placing your deposit you are assuring your personal selection of your very own and Put a Little Wild in your heart from FOX CREEK BENGALS.





$1800-$2800 for pet (all pets will be spay/neutered prior to placement)


$4000-$5000 for breeders (breeders sold only to registered catteries)


occasionally we have kittens marked down so they can find their forever homes. prices will be on each photos 








 pet kittens/cats are $315 (5% PayPal Fee)

Breeder kittens are $1050(5% PayPal Fee)








 Kittens go home around 14-16 weeks /3 months of age. Some may need to stay longer if we feel they are not ready to leave our home yet. 




We cannot ship via cargo! We CAN however carry in-cabin to your location, or meet you at your location. 





With the new federal laws and regulations, specifically APHIS/USDA, we are no longer allowed to sell kittens "sight unseen". This means that either you need to come pick up your kitten in person at our home, at a show, or at an agreed meeting point, or we can fly kittens to every major city in the USA for a negotiated fee. We will meet you in person and once you have seen the kitten and you have determined the kitten is in good health, you will be handed the TICA registration,  veterinary records, Feeding guidelines. Transitioning Guidelines, Care package with toys and two copies of the contract. We will take one executed copy of the contract that you signed  and the other is for your records. This will complete and finalize the sale. 

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